[OpenWrt-Devel] [19.07] cherry-pick ipqx0xx-generic profile

Sven Roederer devel-sven at geroedel.de
Sun Nov 3 16:08:11 EST 2019


can you cherry-pick  the following two commits to openwrt-19-07 branch:
* 853e4dd3062df7cb5704b15d6af6730e3194b571 (ipqx0xx: add Generic subtarget)
* 40e3f660c1c0f400092cce09feb8c13bec97caeb (uboot-fritz4040: build with 
ipq40xx "generic" subtarget)

We use this since some time in our freifunk-firmware w/o any problems.

Thanks Sven

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