[OpenWrt-Devel] v5.4 as next kernel / ipq806x

Jeff Kletsky lede at allycomm.com
Fri Nov 1 11:42:34 EDT 2019

On 11/1/19 2:12 AM, Andre Valentin wrote:
> Hello,
> I also did several tests on the 4.19 ipq806x (NBG6817). I noticed that VPN throuput (IPsec Performance) dropped to 30% with exactly the same config (kernel and openwrt), kernel crypto and arm crypto
> stuff tested.
> Also the whole system feels a bit slowier. Timers (clock, ddr) in dts have been compared, also checked in the running system. I'm a fan of 419, but this needs be solved before and I have no clue where
> to look. Any ideas?
There has been some discussion on the forum around IPSec performance
and kmod-crypto-ctr for the similar ipq40xx. It may provide insight.



I haven't been following it very closely, but as I was surprised that
the IPQ4019-based EA8300's OpenVPN throughput was only about 50%
better than that of a QCA9558 or QCA9563, I put catching up on the
topic on my list.


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