[OpenWrt-Devel] ath9k: fix dynack in IBSS mode

Koen Vandeputte koen.vandeputte at ncentric.com
Wed Aug 28 07:13:51 EDT 2019

> initialized the ackto to max:
> A) avoidance of late-ack state
> B) not require wpa_supplicant  -- not in use by our community today
> C) Suspect some conditions, e.g. low SNR Neighbors, do not trigger
> "late ack" (consistent, with observation of low SNR Neighbors sticking
> at max ack_to with my changes )
> flip the algo off/on when new neighbor joins:
> Intended technique to reset ack_to to max.  If ack_to is set to 20km
> and then a new adhoc neighbor joins at 30km, this would be a late ack
> state, and unable to detect.    My early testing results showed the
> algo off/on would restart the ack_to to max and start the process over
> with the new neighbor.   I trust I got it right?
> There are 10s to 100s of users testing this bleeding edge change from
> nightly builds, and so far, I've not found a failure case.
> Although, the findings are showing the cases where static setting has
> better throughput.
> Joe AE6XE
Hi Joe,

Purely fyi

I just pushed dynack improvements to all openwrt branches.

I also noticed the issues you addressed above, and these patches fix 
them for me.



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