[OpenWrt-Devel] [lantiq] help in supporting FRITZ!BOX 3272 (Fritz_Box_HW198))

Enrico Mioso mrkiko.rs at gmail.com
Sun Aug 25 19:57:33 EDT 2019

Dear Martin,
thank you very very much for being so Kind!
And thank you to all of you for your work!

Your suggestions where precious - and I will look at the referenced device.
In the meantime, I was taking a look at the flash layout. Luckily, it seems EVA will allow me to boot from RAM, which will be very useful.
Still, I am trying to understand as much as possible about this device before making any change.

First of all - I backed up all partitions using nanddump, except for those marked as 2out of reach" in dmesg, which are not readale by nanddump.
I used something like
nanddup -f file /dev/mtd<partition>

Secondly, I was looking at EVA environment, which is as follows:

HWRevision            198
HWSubRevision         1
ProductID             Fritz_Box_HW198
SerialNumber          0000000000000000
annex                 A
autoload              yes
bootloaderVersion     1.1787
bootserport           tty0
country               039
cpufrequency          500000000
firstfreeaddress      0x81113040
firmware_info         126.06.83
firmware_version      avme
flashsize             nor_size=0MB sflash_size=256KB nand_size=128MB
language              it
linux_fs_start        1
maca                  5C:49:79:DB:93:0C
macb                  5C:49:79:DB:93:0D
macwlan               5C:49:79:DB:93:0E
macdsl                5C:49:79:DB:93:0F
memsize               0x08000000
modetty0              38400,n,8,1,hw
modetty1              38400,n,8,1,hw
mtd0                  0x400000,0x3400000
mtd1                  0x0,0x400000
mtd2                  0x0,0x20000
mtd3                  0x20000,0x30000
mtd4                  0x30000,0x40000
mtd5                  0x0,0x200000
prompt                Eva_AVM
provider              wind_3272_12082013
req_fullrate_freq     250000000
sysfrequency          250000000
tr069_passphrase      TFX1HhthwN6T
tr069_serial          00040E-5C4979DB930C
urlader-version       2787
usb_board_mac         5C:49:79:DB:93:10
usb_device_id         0x0000
usb_device_name       USB DSL Device
usb_manufacturer_name  AVM
usb_revision_id       0x0000
usb_rndis_mac         5C:49:79:DB:93:11
wlan_key              ??????????????????????

(wlankey omitted).
I am not able to understand the general syntax for mtd partitions - e.g.: it seems the bootloader uses completely different partition layout).
I don't think I'll need to alter those partitions, but I am better in understanding their definitions should something go wrong in the wrong moment. :)
Thanks again, and sorry for the late answer.


P.s.: deleted quoted text to make it easier to read the mail for me...

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