[OpenWrt-Devel] need help regarding flash layout for new device

Michael Schwingen michael at schwingen.org
Fri Aug 23 03:35:08 EDT 2019


I am in the process of getting OpenWRT running on a new device (Lancom 
LN-1702: NXP T1013).

I have a working u-boot and kernel 4.19, and now I am a bit lost 
regarding what flash/partition layout to use to get OpenWRT running with 
minimal modifications.

I have: NAND flash on T1013 IFC bus, with 4 MTD partitions, and UBI on 
the last one. UBI has 3 volumes: kernel, dts and rootfs.

If I tftpboot and start kernel/initramfs, I get a running system without 
any r/w filesystem. ubi0 on mtd4 is auto-detected, and I can manually 
mount the rootfs_data volume - but this does not happen automatically on 

When I boot the kernel from flash, with root=ubi0:rootfs_data, it finds 
init but hangs when trying to mount an overlay.

I am looking for some guidance how this is supposed to work - since this 
device never had Linux on it, I don't have an "original" layout, and 
https://openwrt.org/docs/techref/flash.layout is a bit thin regardings 

Do I need special volume names? How is the boot process supposed to work 
on a NAND/UBI setup (with or without initramfs, and what is mounted 
where by whom)?

Sorry for being vague about error messages - I can provide exact 
bootlogs in the evening, but I am more looking for pointers to the 
general concept from where I can find what I am doing wrong.

best regards,


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