[OpenWrt-Devel] X86 UEFI Support merge

John Braley server.email.mash4077 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 19 01:38:16 EDT 2019

It looks like we are almost there for UEFI support on OpenWRT. Can someone
pull the commits into the dev tree for testing?


Intel has said it will remove UEFI-CSM or legacy bios from upcoming
platforms by 2020. However many motherboard and PC makers have already
started with the transition. Currently we can get OpenWRT installed via
some crafty file extraction and installing of a UEFI partition via a
different OS. The above link has the work done to get OpenWRT working from
a self install mode like we have with the current builds. According to the
folks there, the patch is ready for inclusion to the master.

I am able to test any development builds as I have an ASrock J5005-ITX
motherboard with no legacy or CSM capabilities I want to use as my router.
For being embedded I can push excess of 700mb/s across a pair of VPN

Further information regarding Intel and UEFI
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