[OpenWrt-Devel] time command detect fail on centos

李国 uxgood.org at gmail.com
Sat Jul 7 04:23:45 EDT 2018

Hi Etienne Champetier

time command detect fail on centos.

time is a keyword of bash on centos 6 and centos 7, and it not accept
--version option, this makes time --version 2>&1 | grep GNU  always
'time'  --version 2>&1 | grep GNU works good, but it makes micro
SetupHostCommand fail, as it expand which "$$$$$$$${cmd%% *}" as which
'"time"', and which can not find "time"

maybe $(shell which time) --version 2>&1 | grep GNU is a good choose,
or we can make micro SetupHostCommand words fine with 'time'
--version 2>&1 | grep GNU


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