[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] ipq40xx: clean up netgear-dni image generation

David Bauer mail at david-bauer.net
Tue Dec 18 18:26:18 EST 2018

Hello Christian,

On 19.12.18 00:14, Christian Lamparter wrote:
> I had no luck with a loaned EX6150v2 and this patch. I tried to sysupgrade
> from the current -snapshot to a newly compiled image with the patch applied.
> But sadly, the device didn't boot (power led stayed orange). I had to 
> initiaite the tftp firmware recovery after waiting 15 minutes through the 
> hold "Factory Reset" on boot until the light flashes green in order to get
> it back.
> Sadly, I can't really help with any bootlogs since I can't "void its warranty" :(.

could you send me the sysupgrade image you've used so i can test it on
my unit and get a bootlog?

Best wishes

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