[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] ath79: Add support for Ubiquity

Petr Štetiar ynezz at true.cz
Thu Dec 6 10:35:58 EST 2018

Petr Štetiar <ynezz at true.cz> [2018-11-20 00:28:50]:

Hi Joe,

> >  cd openwrt.git
> >  git remote add github-ynezz https://github.com/ynezz/openwrt.git
> >  git fetch github-ynezz
> >  git checkout -b nanostation-m-xw github-ynezz/wip/nanostation-m-xw
> >  echo -e "CONFIG_TARGET_ath79=y\nCONFIG_TARGET_ath79_generic=y\nCONFIG_TARGET_ath79_generic_DEVICE_ubnt_nano-m-xw=y" > .config
> >  make defconfig world -j$(nproc)

could you please retest it on your M5 and tell me if it's better now? Commit
history of my wip/nanostation-m-xw branch should look like this now:

6db71cf WIP: ath79: Add support for Ubiquiti Nanostation M (XW)
a947035 ath79: ag71xx: Ensure that appending of CRC to frames is always disabled
434aa86 ath79: gmac: ar934x: Add parser for mii-gmac0-slave
9329548 ath79: ubnt-bullet-m-xw: Move common DTS bits into XW include file
86a97ee ath79: ubnt-xw: Add LED aliases for diag and status LED support
ad759fb ath79: ag71xx: Unify debug output with ar71xx and make debugging easier
7855bae ar71xx: ag71xx: Replace duplicate debugging code with simple function call
ffa5538 ramips: fix dtc compiler warnings


-- ynezz

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