[OpenWrt-Devel] [RCF] A patch for mt7621 nand controller.

Kirill Berezin fyiwdt at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 04:14:55 EDT 2015


It seems that a code for a nand controller was added but not tested. This
patch add a lost constant required for successful compilation and a bit of
code that allocates and frees buffers needed by internal structures and a
description for two more nand chips.

By the way I found, that a nand controller in some way interferes with spi
flash and sd. If I initialize a nand before spi flash or sd then nand
controller becomes busy or returns ecc errors on every read. If I
initialize, say load as module, it after spi flash or sd then everything
works. I can't say what happens with sd or spi flash because my board have
neither of it. May be I have an incorrect dts file.

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