[OpenWrt-Devel] Broadcom Wireless AC Driver

Felix Kaechele felix at kaechele.ca
Mon Oct 26 05:40:00 EDT 2015

On 25/10/15 23:27, openwrtwl at ruggedinbox.com wrote:
> I came across the source code for the broadcom
> wireless AC driver in a GPL release(I won't say from where so that they
> don't get in trouble). I've attached the driver to this email.

This is not helpful.

If at all this will make developing an open source driver even harder
and more time consuming since this creates a similar situation to what
ReactOS developers got into after the Windows source code leak happened:
They had to have their code audited that no code from the illegally
leaked proprietary Windows code made it into the open source React OS
code (google for Clean room design if you want to know more about that).

Furthermore you created a situation in which the OpenWrt community as
well as other providers donating capacity to the community for carrying
the mailing list involuntarily distribute or mirror this proprietary code.

This is where your good intentions likely will yield bad results.

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