[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] lantiq: fix use of IRQF_DISABLED in lantiq kmods

Mathias Kresin openwrt at kresin.me
Sun Oct 11 06:32:11 EDT 2015

Am 11.10.2015 um 10:50 schrieb Arjen de Korte:
> Citeren Mathias Kresin <openwrt at kresin.me>:
>> diff --git a/package/kernel/lantiq/ltq-hcd/src/ifxhcd.c
>> b/package/kernel/lantiq/ltq-hcd/src/ifxhcd.c
>> index be0a91d..14dc7a1 100644
>> --- a/package/kernel/lantiq/ltq-hcd/src/ifxhcd.c
>> +++ b/package/kernel/lantiq/ltq-hcd/src/ifxhcd.c
>> @@ -702,7 +702,9 @@ int ifxhcd_init(ifxhcd_hcd_t *_ifxhcd)
>>       * IRQ line, and calls ifxusb_hcd_start method.
>>       */
>>      retval = usb_add_hcd(syshcd, _ifxhcd->core_if.irq, 0
>>                                                 |IRQF_DISABLED
>> +#endif
> Why the conditional compile statement? The IRQF_DISABLED has been a NOOP
> since kernel 2.6.35, so it should be safe to remove for all current
> versions of OpenWRT. So this really should be
> -                                                 |IRQF_DISABLED
> instead.
> Arjen

Generally, I totally agree with your remarks. The same applies to the 
changes of ifxusb_cif_h.c as well. Albeit the lines around the touched 
ones of ifxusb_cif_h.c are in a really bad condition. Most if the IRQF_ 
flags are simply commented out.

But in case of external supplied code, I'm trying to limit removals to a 
minimum. At least for me, it's annoying to find not obvious changes on 
my local version when comparing two versions of vendor supplied code.

That's maybe specific to me and not necessary here.

I'll send an updated patch as soon as the patchwork status of this patch 
changes to "changes requested" or similar.

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