[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH v2 1/3] ramips: Add DTS files for HiWiFi HC5x61 models

kangxn at 163.com
Sat Oct 3 11:29:27 EDT 2015

在 2015-10-02 23:49:52,"Piotr Dymacz" <pepe2k at gmail.com> 写道:
>2015-10-02 15:53 GMT+02:00 康 <kangxn at 163.com>:
>> Hi,  Merging 3 dts into one dtsi has been done in patch V3 ,
>Sorry, I missed that.
>> Sorry I don't quite understand your question ,  do you mean how to flash on
>> those devices?
>Yes and I got the answer from your mail to Yousong:
>> For #2,  I can write the wiki page, though it is would be complicated.
>> HiWiFi provides an "official" way to unlock the U-Boot now, at the cost of
>> voiding warranty.  However, you have to follow a procedure which requires a
>> Chinese cellphone number, and a WeChat(a whatsapp clone app) account.
>> Understanding of Chinese is also a requirement.  Anyway, since HiWiFi
>> routers are sold in Chinese market only, I believe it won't be a big problem
>> for non-Chinese users.....
>There are dozen ways to have devices for CN market in other parts of
>the the world.
>If there is no easier/ready way to switch from official firmware to
>OpenWrt on those devices, I'm not convinced about keeping official
>support for them in OpenWrt repository, but it's just mine opinion.

I think there are dozens of HiWiFi routers(more than 200K pcs at least)  which don't have the bootloader locked out in the market, They were manufactured before the locked bootloader was born. As  long as they don't get updated, they remain unlocked and can be flashed via tftp easily.   Also, for CN users like me, they can easily get the device unlocked by following the procedure, so they need official openwrt support, too.


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