[OpenWrt-Devel] Syntax to call ubus registered function (having arguments) from lua

Jo-Philipp Wich jow at openwrt.org
Fri Nov 20 08:28:17 EST 2015


> I am trying to call a function registered on ubus from lua script. I
> know how to call a argument less function but don't know the syntax of a
> function with args (also how to add ubus timeout).

Simply pass a table with your arguments as 3rd argument:

  conn:call(object, function, { arg_1 = foo, arg_2 = bar })

You cannot set timeouts per call but you can specify them globally by
passing the amount of milliseconds to the ubus.connect() call.

E.g. conn = ubus.connect(1000) to have an 1s timeout on all calls.

~ Jow
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