[OpenWrt-Devel] toolchain kernel-headers

Kenneth Johansson kenneth at southpole.se
Thu Nov 12 04:11:33 EST 2015


contains this

define Host/Configure
     yes '' | $(KMAKE) oldconfig
     $(call Host/Configure/all)
     $(call Host/Configure/post/$(ARCH))

Now this is run to configure the kernel so that we later can do make 
with the headers_install target.

But is this really correct ?
what is happening here is that "make oldconfig" is at this point run 
without any .config file present. what is then happening is that the 
kernel makefile fetches the config for the currently running kernel on 
the HOST and uses that as base config. well this is probably wrong ARCH 
and probably a config for the wrong kernel version also. Is there a 
reason a "make defconfig" can't be used ?

I had a kernel that did not allow answering yes on everything and thus 
end in an infinite loop here and notice that this is a bit wrong/strange.

I guess that all that is needed at this stage is that the ARCH is 
correct and we really do not care about the config.
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