[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] ar71xx: add support for tp-link wr740n v5.0 (EU)

Matthias Schiffer mschiffer at universe-factory.net
Sun Jun 21 16:42:47 EDT 2015

On 06/08/2015 05:47 PM, Daniel Petre wrote:
> TP-Link ships wr740n v5.0 to Romania (so probably everywhere except
> China) with 4 MB flash and 32 MB memory (confirmed by their local
> support). This patch adds support for the v5.0 clone of v4, i just
> tested it on my own v5.0 router and it works.
> Signed-off-by: Daniel Petre <daniel.petre at posteo.net>

By the way, the same image also works on the WR741ND v5. TP-LINK decided
to use the same HWID 0x07400005 for the 741v5 as well, instead of
0x07410005 one might expect. So regarding the software, there isn't any
difference between 740 and 741 v5.

I think it would make sense to explicitly create images with the name
tl-wr741nd-v5 even though they will be identical to the tl-wr740n-v5, so
the images get built when the TLWR741 profile is selected.

I'll provide a patch to do that (as soon as this one has been applied,
to avoid unnecessary conflicts ;) )


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