[OpenWrt-Devel] procd / crash of PID 1

Bastian Bittorf bittorf at bluebottle.com
Tue Feb 24 06:05:58 EST 2015

our PID 1 sometimes crashs:
if this happens the last lines in log show this:

Tue Feb 24 11:40:04 2015 user.emerg syslog: Rebooting as procd has crashed
Tue Feb 24 11:40:04 2015 user.emerg syslog: reboot

in our firmware we evaluate the file /sys/kernel/debug/crashlog
after each reboot. if procd crashes, this file keeps empty - which
looks like a power-cycle - very bad.

what can be a good solution for this?
(ofcourse fixing the crash itself is the best 8-)

here we introduced a "crashreboot" for manually invoking a reboot
with a "reason code", so we know why a router rebooted. it is
just a "special" string in the crashdump when doing

echo 'c' >/proc/sysrq-trigger

i think thats too special for the PID1 case, but maybe
somebody has an idea, how to write something into
/sys/kernel/debug/crashlog when procd enforces a reboot.

bye, bastian
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