[OpenWrt-Devel] General questions about the direction of switch drivers

Charlie Smurthwaite charlie at atechmedia.com
Tue Feb 17 10:08:59 EST 2015

On 17/02/15 15:00, Michael Richardson wrote:
> The situation which I wanted was to have a port with three or four tagged
> interfaces visible to the kernel.  Of those tagged LANs, I then wanted to
> have some of the visible on another physical port, untagged.
> The tagged port goes into a (cisco) SOHO switch, and talks to a bunch of VMs,
> etc.  The untagged ports get wired to a couple of other "critical" systems:
> the other AP in the house, a VoIP phone (via PoE injector).  This lets me
> put the 3800, and phone on a UPS seperate from the switch and VM hosts.
This sounds like a pretty standard VLAN tagging setup, the type of thing 
that should be well supported by swconfig. It's quite common to have 
several VLANs, all tagged on the CPU port, and potentially on another 
trunk ports, then untagged on other ports for connection to different 
devices. You might configure it like this:

swconfig dev switch0 vlan 1 set ports "0t 1t 2"
swconfig dev switch0 vlan 2 set ports "0t 1t 3"
swconfig dev switch0 vlan 3 set ports "0t 1t 4"
swconfig dev switch0 vlan 4 set ports "0t 1t 5"

Where port 0 connects to the CPU and has everything tagged. Port 1 
connects to your VM trunk, and ports 2,3,4,5 are each on a single 
untagged VLAN.

I hope I'm understanding the use case correctly.

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