[OpenWrt-Devel] act_connmark in kernel 3.10

Edison Figueira Junior efjgrub at gmail.com
Sun Feb 15 05:59:29 EST 2015

Hello Mr. Felix,

I would use the act_connmark on CentOS 7 with the original kernel 3.10.xx,
you have patch for use with this version of the kernel?

I applied the patch in version 3.19 and it works perfectly, but at 3:10 the
same kernel downloaded from kernel.org and that have the senguinte error:


net/sched/act_connmark.c: In function ‘tcf_connmark_init’:

net/sched/act_connmark.c:112:2: error: too few arguments to function

  if (!tcf_hash_check(parm->index, a, bind)) {


In file included from net/sched/act_connmark.c:23:0:

include/net/act_api.h:93:20: note: declared here

 struct tcf_common *tcf_hash_check(u32 index, struct tc_action *a,






*                    ^*
I did a diff header include / net / act_api.he seen that are very different,

I will be very grateful for your help,

Thank you,

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