Freenode woes / Libera migration?

Jo-Philipp Wich jo at
Thu May 20 11:21:05 BST 2021

Hi all,

as you might or might not have noticed (I didn't until seeing some
chatter on #openwrt) there seemed to be some kind of hostile takeover /
fork / whatever going on at Freenode and the entire network operator
team quit and started a new network [1]

Not sure if it is the time just yet to migrate there (maybe it turns out
to be a storm in the water glass and everything keeps functioning as
before), but I figured it might make sense to register an OpenWrt
organization [2] at in case it turns out to be the official
Freenode successor.

In order to do that, we need to provide a number of contacts which serve
as liaison between libera and OpenWrt, so I'd like to ask who - if any -
of you already registered with their NickServ and who would like to
serve as contact.


- Do project registration at yes/no
- Are you already registered with their NickServ? yes/no
- Do you want to volunteer serving as liaison? yes/no


(sorry for not finding a better source after 3 seconds googling, but
you'll likely find news all over the web)

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