How we plan the OpenWrt Team Meeting

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as we discussed earlier, we're planning the OpenWrt team meeting in
June. So far, some of you already ask, what's the agenda? what are we
doing? We would like to do a simliar meeting as the reproducible builds
summits [0] or the Tor Developer meetings [1]. I have invited Gunner
from Aspiration to assist us in planning as he helped to organize a
number of similar meetings.

The schedule is very flexible and dynamic on our needs. This is not
hard schedule, but I imagine a day will be:

* 10:00 introduction
* till lunch 2 sessions
* lunch
* 2-3 sessions
* 16:30 free hacking time
* dinner

A session usually consist of 4-7 people working on a specific topic.
The outcome of each session is documented.

After we have confirmed the finance for the venue, accommodation & food
we will sent out mails to ask you for a final confirmation.
As part of the planning process, we want to hear from
each confirmed participant what you want to get out of the meeting, so
in the next week, we will be reaching out to request that input. We
will be in touch next week with more thoughts on potential outcomes for
the meeting and a request for you all to share your thoughts.

In the meantime, please let us know of any questions or concerns. We
are looking forward to making this real.

Hauke & lynxis


Alexander Couzens

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