If needed: OSUOSL hosted hardware for OpenWrt builders

Baptiste Jonglez baptiste at bitsofnetworks.org
Mon Mar 18 14:44:29 PDT 2019


On 08-10-18, Laurent GUERBY wrote:
> jow and hauke keys are in place:
> ssh -l root gcc125.fsffrance.org -p 45005
> ssh -l root gcc126.fsffrance.org -p 45006
> No RAID, no backup so keep your devs somewhere safer :)

As discussed on IRC with jow & guerby, here are the two additional hosts
for OpenWrt builds:

  ssh -l root gcc180.fsffrance.org -p 45069
  ssh -l root gcc181.fsffrance.org -p 45060

They have the same SSH keys as the other ones, and similarly, no RAID & no
backup.  There is a small LV for the root fs, feel free to extend it or
create new ones.

Baptiste (compile farm volunteer)
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