Openconnect issues

Tom Toughill tom.toughill at
Sun Apr 2 04:38:38 PDT 2017


The IT guys at work set up openconnect for me. We've tested the system and it works fine, then I go home try to log in and I can't access any network resources. I check the logs and I get the following repeated again and again:

| 1b88 | Unknown DTLS packet type e4, len 5
| 1b88 | Failed to write to TAP device: The data area passed to a system call is too small.

What's odd is when we test the system at work using using mobile data it works fine, but when I get home it doesn't allow me to connect to network drives etc I can however perform NSLOOKUPs. 

The firewall is an obvious suspect so I first DMZ'd the laptop, didn't work, then shut off the firewall, that didn't work either. 

I'm using 7.08  in a Win7 environment bootcamped on a MacBookPro (don't ask why...)

I've got a Linksys router running version

On my router I've got my IPv4 firewall on with VPN Passthrough for all services. Routing set to NAT. 

Openconnect authenticates using our AD credentials and I'm wondering if that's an issue. 
Any suggestions? 

Help greatly appreciated.



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