Multiple Certs and Keys

Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos n.mavrogiannopoulos at
Thu May 19 22:58:21 PDT 2016

On Tue, 2016-05-10 at 06:14 +0800, Yick Xie wrote:
> I tested and it did not work. Still the first one in the order would
> be delivered, the case is the same as IP cert.
> ONE cert was issued with dns_name="";
> TWO cert was issued with dns_name="".
> The gnutls is 3.3.18, some more configuration to enable SNI? How to
> verify my environment? Perhaps due to some other outdated libs? 

I verified that was an issue affecting ocserv. That is solved with the
new gnutls releases (3.3.23 or 3.4.12).


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