openconenct does not reconnect

Oli Berner oli.berner at
Thu May 12 23:42:29 PDT 2016


I use openconnect to connect via tun device vpn to a cisco endpoint.
the connection works fine so far, but when the link is down for a
moment and up again, openconnect does not reconnect.

i found out when i manually send SIGUSR2

sudo pkill -SIGUSR2 openconnect

and then restart the tun device

sudo ip link set tun0 down
sudo ip link set tun0 up

then the vpn tunnel works again.

i have little knowledge about linux and vpnc, i use the defaut vpnc
script and i run openconnect with the following command:

sudo openconnect [vpn gateway] -u [myusername ]--background

what do i need to do that the connection is reconnected without user


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