Help! isolate worker cannot load profile.xml

yick xie yick.xie at
Wed Nov 11 00:35:59 PST 2015

Dear developers,

Sorry for my disturbance again, but this time I got really no way to
deal with such a problem during the last 3 days.

When I enabled the isolate-worker, the log hinted "cannot load
profile.xml". No matter how I configured the run-as-user and
run-as-group (such as nobody:nogroup, root:root, ocserv:ocserv which I
added additionally) and the profile.xml path, it still cannot work.
However once I switched off isolate-worker option,it worked. Hence was
 there anything I missed? Or could you please give me a brief
instruction kindly? Just let me know if you need more information.

I run the ocserv-0.10.8 with gnutls-serv 3.3.15.

Please! I was urged to push certain strategy and information to my
Cisco clients (e.g. AutomaticCertSelection, ServerList and
MobileHostEntryInfo etc..), while I got no idea what the risk would be
if without isolate-worker.

Thank you for your patience and looking forward to your reply.


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