openssl-0.9.8l is out but still incompatible with openconnect

Adam Piątyszek adam.piatyszek at
Sun Nov 8 12:19:28 EST 2009


Since 5th November there is a new maintenance release of openssl-0.9.8 
stable branch. It is denoted with version 0.9.8l.

Unfortunately, it seems that it is still incompatible with the "bad" 
DTLS used by Cisco. Here is the warning I get during connection:

  * Stopping dnsmasq ...                                      [ ok ]
  * Starting dnsmasq ...                                      [ ok ]
SSL_set_session() failed with old protocol version 0x100
Your OpenSSL may lack Cisco compatibility support
Use the --no-dtls command line option to avoid this message
Set up DTLS failed; using SSL instead

Can anybody confirm this?

I thought all required patches were accepted and included in the 
openssl's 0.9.8 stable branch...

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