OpenConnect 2.10 released

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Wed Nov 4 05:08:03 EST 2009

I've just pushed OpenConnect 2.10 out.

As well as fixing a few bugs, it also adds IPv6 and OpenSolaris support.

We also now support the 'Cisco Secure Desktop' nonsense, where you are
expected to download a trojan executable from the server and run it on
the client to 'validate' your system. Your login only completes after
the trojan has done its thing and contacted the server to give its

This only works if the server has a suitable trojan installed for Linux
client; if it's configured only for Windows, then it won't work. And you
have to be able to run Linux/i386 binaries too.

We should probably work on running the Windows version of the trojan
under Wine.


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