SSD on the Netrwinder

Jon Bradbury dr_zee at
Fri Mar 29 10:54:48 PDT 2019

Another setback – the new partition is reporting as “wrong iNode size”. Must be something to do with the more recent formatting program I used (mkext2fs I think, but gparted calls it).

So I have recreated it as a 1024Mb sized unformatted partition, then used dd to copy the original boot partition to it. This gives me the right format. Then, delete everything in the partition and unpack the contents of the base-nw9.tar.gz archive onto it. This didn’t work, so I went to the first partition (a working copy of the boot partition from the old HDD) , did rm -rf * at the root and again unpacked base-nw9.tar.gz onto it.

This time it booted (with a picture of Tux at the top right hand corner of the screen) and began checking the boot partition. Lots of errors, but all fixed. The last error is /lost+found not found. CREATED.


/dev/hda1: ***** REBOOT LINUX *****

followed by 

/dev/hda1: 32093/263160 files (5.5% non-contiguous), 245789/1048916 blocks

..and it has now locked up. There’s a flashing cursor though and it is echoing keyboard input but there’s no prompt.

Any idea what it’s doing? I tried to reboot and it did all that all over again (including all the filesystem checks and fixes).

It is, of course, completely silent as I have disconnected the horrible fan and, well, it’s SSD.
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