SSD on the Netwinder

Jon Bradbury dr_zee at
Fri Mar 29 09:30:38 PDT 2019

A quick update. I’ve used dd to copy the image of the whole of the old 4GB disk onto the SSD as a single file, giving three partitions at the start followed by 107GB of unallocated space. There are no errors showing in gparted. I’ve run disk checks to ensure the three partitions are good, and I can mount and read the two non-swap partitions on my Linux laptop. I marked the first partition as bootable (“manage flags” in gparted) – although the old disk doesn’t have this flag set.

Still wasn’t working. I was seeing the same error: “/dev/hda1 is not a valid ext2 / iso9660 filesystem”.

Then I noticed that the minikernel was reporting the drive as “hdb”. There is a small jumper on the bridge card with no markings, and it turns out this is the drive ID setting. Taking it out meant that the drive is now ID 0 and recognised as had.. so now it boots, and feels quite a bit quicker.

Now I need to reinstate the fourth partition and put NW9 on it.

Only problem is, I am getting irq timeout errors: “had: irq timeout: status=0x50 { DriveReady SeekComplete }. This may go with the more up to date kernel, perhaps.

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