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Jon Bradbury dr_zee at
Fri Mar 29 07:57:32 PDT 2019

Greetings all

Having failed to upgrade the memory on my ‘winder, I’m now attempting to upgrade the hard drive as the existing one is too noisy.

I’ve upgraded the firmware to 2.3.3 (thanks Ralph!) and fitted a 120GB PNY SSD with an IDE-SATA bridge. All very cheap. At boot time the ROM recognises it as a PNY 120GB drive but says none of the partitions are ext2. To initialise it I have created four partitions of arbitrary size then used dd to read the old disk’s three partitions into files. Then dd the files to the new partitions. This causes a problem as I am left with a bunch of errors when looking at the new drive in gparted – because they’re bigger than they are supposed to be – and gparted will not repair them.

The fourth partition has the Nw9 tar file uncompressed onto it. This was formatted as ext2 by gparted.

However, as I said, no partition can be read by the boot ROM.

I’m now attempting to dd the whole disk into a file to transfer to the SSD. Hopefully I can then use the remaining space to build a partition for the NW9 files. Will this copy the partition layout as well?

Any advice would be welcome!

Ultimately I want to get Debian on it but I really have no idea about that..
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