SSD on the Netwinder

Ralph Siemsen ralphs at
Thu Apr 18 06:58:16 PDT 2019

On Thu, Apr 18, 2019 at 07:53:03AM +0100, Jon Bradbury wrote:
>How do I install it? Sorry, unfamiliar with this stuff...

Well there are a couple of different methods. The simplest option is to 
just copy the file (zImage+initramfs) into the /boot directory of your 
existing netwinder hard disk.

In the same /boot directory, you will find a symbolic link, eg:
   /boot/vmlinux -> vmlinux-2.2.17-20001122

One option is to change that symlink, so it points to the new zImage. As 
long as the new image boots, this works fine. But if the new kernel 
doesn't boot, then changing the symlink back again is tricky.

So the recommend approach is to ignore the symlink, and instead change 
the setting in the firmware. Basically you just need to set:

    setenv kernfile zImage+initramfs

To make the above permanent, you would also use "save-all" command. For 


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