SSD on the Netwinder

Jon Bradbury dr_zee at
Wed Apr 17 23:53:03 PDT 2019

Great stud Ralph.

How do I install it? Sorry, unfamiliar with this stuff...

From: Ralph Siemsen
Sent: 18 April 2019 02:16
To: D. Hugh Redelmeier
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Subject: Re: SSD on the Netwinder

On Wed, Apr 17, 2019 at 09:00:57PM -0400, D. Hugh Redelmeier wrote:
>| From: Ralph Siemsen <ralphs at>
>| It was actually built against uClibc, not glibc. That's part of the reason why
>| it is so small.
>This is only for userland (busybox & init), right?

Correct, the choice of C library only affects userspace, not kernel. 

Last time I tried building, I ran into problems with both uClibc and 
glibc. I couldn't convince their build systems to pass the --fix-v4bx 
kludge to the linker. However I was able to build musl (which is yet 
another libc implementation).


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