SSD on the Netwinder

Jon Bradbury dr_zee at
Mon Apr 1 03:50:39 PDT 2019

Still no success with this SSD setup.

I note that the SATA-PATA bridge board works fine when connected to a machine running a later kernel, so I think my problems are caused by incompatibility.
I set up a new primary partition /dev/hda4 and format on the NW. Got loads of errors after a certain number of inodes so reduced partition size and retried. Inode creation succeeded but on creating “superblocks” it started giving IRQ type errors and others. Eventually it finished and I was able to copy the base-NW9 .tar.gz file across but got more errors and the archine would not decompress. I connected the drive to my other Linux box and decompressed to /dev/hda4 (no errors, and this is going through the SATA-PATA bridge) but it would not boot (cleared the screen, then the monitor acted as if the cable was disconnected).

This seems a bit odd to me as previously I’d managed to get this image to begin booting.

Ralph’s suggestion about connecting the SSD as a slave and booting off the old HDD, then partioning / formatting on the ‘winder is good, except I have no suitable cable. Maybe I will have to try a netboot (which sounds like a barrel of fun, not!).

Another thing might be to try some of the other boot tarfiles out there. I have base-nw9, base-arm-3.9-28.tar and rescue-arm-20010219.tar files so far, are there any others out there with later kernels?

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