Netwinder boot process

Jim Tittsler jim at
Sun May 29 22:17:44 EDT 2005

Where can I find documentation about the NetWinder boot process?  I  
would like to TFTP an Inferno kernel to the NetWinder and boot it.   
I'm TFTPing something, but not actually running it... since I assume  
it doesn't look enough like the "kernel" format it is expecting.  I  
see messages on the serial port about "data seg reloc to", "bss seg  
reloc to", and "Assuming A.OUT kernel.  It then copies data to  
0xC000... and I'm guessing jumps there.

Are there still documents online somewhere that explain the boot  
sequence?  Can I boot a non-Linux kernel more easily by breaking into  
the boot process earlier and using the "Debug" mode?  (Is it  


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