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François Jacques jacf01 at
Wed Apr 13 09:15:49 EDT 2005

* Ralph Siemsen <ralphs at> [2005-04-13 08:13:03 -0400]:

> >This is gone in 2.4.27...any ideas why it was set?

> Can't remember ;(

There's a driver for an ADMA100 controller in 2.4.27 drivers/ide/pci. It is
compiled when CONFIG_BLK_DEV_ADMA100 is set. Probably old code that was
refactored in a seperate driver to make the ide driver cleaner.

Most likely unrequired.

> >(BTW, an interesting find:
> >
> > Ha-ah! Looks like it will autotune the drives to use DMA on bootup, so its
> > probably working with 2.4.19... 
> >)
> Yes, and in addition, nettrom passes ide0=autotune on the kernel command 
> line, if my memory serves correctly.

Alright. I'll compile (tonight?) a 2.4.19 kernel using your patch files to see if there's any change. Gee, I really need to setup my x86->arm crosscompiling environment soon!

François Jacques	

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