[PATCH v8 23/70] mm/mmap: change do_brk_flags() to expand existing VMA and add do_brk_munmap()

Guenter Roeck linux at roeck-us.net
Thu Apr 28 13:19:47 PDT 2022

On Tue, Apr 26, 2022 at 03:06:35PM +0000, Liam Howlett wrote:
> From: "Liam R. Howlett" <Liam.Howlett at Oracle.com>
> Avoid allocating a new VMA when it a vma modification can occur.  When a
> brk() can expand or contract a VMA, then the single store operation will
> only modify one index of the maple tree instead of causing a node to split
> or coalesce.  This avoids unnecessary allocations/frees of maple tree
> nodes and VMAs.
> Move some limit & flag verifications out of the do_brk_flags() function to
> use only relevant checks in the code path of bkr() and vm_brk_flags().
> Set the vma to check if it can expand in vm_brk_flags() if extra criteria
> are met.
> Drop userfaultfd from do_brk_flags() path and only use it in
> vm_brk_flags() path since that is the only place a munmap will happen.
> Signed-off-by: Liam R. Howlett <Liam.Howlett at Oracle.com>

A build failure seen when building ppc64:corenet64_smp_defconfig also
biscects to this patch.

mm/mmap.c: In function 'do_brk_flags':
mm/mmap.c:2908:17: error: implicit declaration of function
	'khugepaged_enter_vma_merge'; did you mean 'khugepaged_enter_vma'?

It appears that this is later fixed, but it hurts bisectability
(and prevents me from finding the actual build failure in linux-next
when trying to build corenet64_smp_defconfig).

While looking into the patch, I noticed the following.

[ ... ]

> @@ -2773,30 +2888,52 @@ static int do_brk_flags(unsigned long addr, unsigned long len,
>  	if (security_vm_enough_memory_mm(mm, len >> PAGE_SHIFT))
>  		return -ENOMEM;
>  out:
>  	perf_event_mmap(vma);
>  	mm->total_vm += len >> PAGE_SHIFT;
> @@ -2807,18 +2944,21 @@ static int do_brk_flags(unsigned long addr, unsigned long len,
>  	validate_mm_mt(mm);
>  	return 0;
> -no_vma_link:
>  	vm_area_free(vma);

That really looks wrong. vm_area_free(vma) can not be reached
after this patch has been applied.


> +vma_alloc_fail:
> +	vm_unacct_memory(len >> PAGE_SHIFT);
>  	return -ENOMEM;
>  }

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