spi: *: Call the dedicated transfer completion function.

Vincent Pelletier plr.vincent at gmail.com
Thu Jan 7 18:58:29 EST 2021


I started this fix on bcm2835.c and, because of its simplicity, thought
I should check other controllers as well.
This patch set should fix all occurrences, as of v5.11-rc2, of an SPI
controller driver calling
when it could call
as requested in Documentation/spi/spi-summary.rst .

While I did build all modified files, and these should be trivial to
check for correctness, I have not exercised all codepaths.
I have exercised spi-bcm2835 IRQ and DMA tx, but I am still hunting
for another issue which causes completion timeouts at spi/spi.c level
which seem to affect spi-bcm2835 dma transfers (both before and after
this patch set).

Vincent Pelletier

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