can, tcan4x5x: look to merge rpi support into rpi kernel tree

Torin Cooper-Bennun torin at
Tue Feb 16 04:44:54 EST 2021

> Your mram-cfg looks broken, You don't have any TX Event FIFO entries. Please use
> this one:
> bosch,mram-cfg = <0x0 0 0 16 0 0 1 1>;

Okay, thanks for the tip, I usually don't make use of the TX event
feature! This hasn't fixed the TX behaviour, though. I've verified
that the frame is loaded into MRAM and requested for TX correctly, but
the transceiver does this...

1. sends start-of-frame, then 5 bits of ID correctly, at the correct bitrate
2. bus then seems to be stuck dominant for 6 bits instead of
transmitting further ID bits
3. bus lines drift back recessive (not a clean edge) over the duration
of 12 bits
4. process repeats

Steps 2-3 constitute an error frame, if my understanding is correct.
Presently the TCAN4550 is not connected to any other CAN nodes; I
would therefore expect the transmit to at least continue to the ACK


Torin Cooper-Bennun | Software Engineer

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