can, tcan4x5x: look to merge rpi support into rpi kernel tree

Marc Kleine-Budde mkl at
Mon Feb 15 09:45:09 EST 2021

On 12.02.2021 10:01:27, Torin Cooper-Bennun wrote:
> The Texas Instruments CAN-FD controller, TCAN4550, has kernel support
> in the tcan4x5x module.
> Until a recent patch, Raspberry Pi was unable to utilise the driver,
> as the module supported only SPI controllers with native 32-bit word
> support (we only have 8-bit support).

Sadly, the driver is still not in good shape...I think it will explode
as soon as you receive a CAN frame on the rpi, as the frames are passed
into the networking stack from the wrong context...

Maybe I'll find some time to get receive properly working.

> Said patch was merged into net-next in pull request c10b377ff6, which
> also includes a larger rework of tcan4x5x:

This code will hit mainline in the v5.12 merge window.

BTW: what kind of hardware are you using?


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