Booting RPi4 from USB MSD by 5.10

Ryutaroh Matsumoto ryutaroh at
Wed Feb 3 18:41:02 EST 2021

Hi Nicolas, thank you for your email!

> Your initramfs fix looks OK to me.

I also believe so. With that initramfs and the latest Debian kernel (based on 5.10.12
and CONFIG_RESET_RASPBERRYPI=m), on my RPi 4B 8GB model I still observe...

> By the way, when 5.10 kernel is booted from USB MSD and udisks2 is
> installed, kernel emits flood of false media change messages to udev,
> and almost 100% of CPU usage is consumed by udev, dbus and udisks2
> combined. I wonder if anyone other than me has experienced the same issue.
> Bug report was filed to Debian as

Best regards, Ryutaroh

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