[RFC PATCH 0/3] Raspberry Pi Sense HAT driver

Stefan Wahren stefan.wahren at i2se.com
Sat Aug 7 02:03:56 PDT 2021

Hi Joel,

Am 07.08.21 um 02:27 schrieb Joel Savitz:
> This patch series adds a set of drivers for operating the Sense HAT
> peripheral device. This board is an add on for the Raspberry Pi that is
> designed to connect using the GPIO connector via I2C.
> It features:
> 	- a joystick
> 	- an 8x8 RGB LED matrix display
> 	- a whole bunch of environmental sensors with their own drivers
> 	(those are already in upstream Linux)
> This is a refactor of the work of Serge Schneider, the author of a
> version of this driver that is currently in the Raspberry Pi downstream
> kernel. We modified his code to make it suitable for upstream Linux.
> A couple of tests are available for this driver in this repo:
> https://github.com/underground-software/sensehat/tree/master/tests
> 	- color_test displays various solid colors on the LED panel
> 	- framebuffer_test diplays a single lit cell that is
> 	  controllable via the arrow keys or the joystick
> Though the driver is split into three modules, they are interdependent
> and meaningless in isolation. As such, we have grouped them together.
> This is a request for comments. Please let us know if you
> have any suggestions, complements, or harsh criticism. ;)
> Known issue:
> - We do not know how to integrate the device tree overlay into mainline
>   Linux. Fortunately, most Linux distrubtions designed for the Raspberry
>   Pi already include the approriate device tree overlay as a part of
>   their importation of all overlays from the downstream Raspberry Pi
>   kernel. Suggestions are welcome and appreciated.
AFAIK the overlay support isn't complete yet. In order to give a chance
to test with mainline, developers provided patches against a specific
board DTS (e.g. RPi 3B) and tag them as DO NOT MERGE.

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