mainline kernel: cpufreq for bcm2835

Stefan Wahren stefan.wahren at
Mon Apr 2 09:09:03 PDT 2018

Hi Sergey,

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> Sergey Suloev <ssuloev at> hat am 2. April 2018 um 17:45 geschrieben:
> Hi Stefan
> can any give any hint about the status of bcn2835 cpufreq in mainline 
> kernel ?

in short: currently no support yet

> Are you (or anyone else) working on it ?

No, this not on my TODO list [1].

Current prio:
- Raspberry Pi 3+
- fixes and improvements for Raspberry Pi 3 DT
- VCHIQ data corruption

Implementing/Porting the cpufreq driver is only half of the work. Also all drivers which depend on the VPU core clock should be able to handle a frequency change (sdhost, i2c, aux uart comes to my mind). But i will be happy if somebody takes care of it.

Is this a critical feature for you?

Best regards

[1] -

> Thanks

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