brcmfmac: BCM43431 won't get probed on Raspberry Pi Zero W

James Hughes at
Tue Jul 18 01:59:06 PDT 2017

> Can you please try to comment out the following lines in
> brcmf_feat_attach? That's the only suspicious line that interact with
> firmware in the patch.
> + brcmf_feat_iovar_data_set(ifp, BRCMF_FEAT_GSCAN, "pfn_gscan_cfg",
> +                                            &gscan_cfg, sizeof(gscan_cfg));
> I don't have a pi zero w but will try to see if I can reproduce it on a pi 3.

Franky/Arend, if a ZeroW would help now and in future Pi Wifi issues,
I can get one to you. Email me off list.


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