[PATCH] ARM: bcm2835: dts: fix uart1 pinctrl node name

Stefan Wahren stefan.wahren at i2se.com
Sun Jan 29 07:27:49 PST 2017

Hi Baruch,

> Baruch Siach <baruch at tkos.co.il> hat am 29. Januar 2017 um 14:17 geschrieben:
> Downstream kernel uses pins 32, 33 as UART0 (PL011) Rx/Tx to communicate with
> the Bluetooth chip. So ALT3 of these pins is most likely not CTS/RTS. Change
> the node name to reflect that.
> With this change in place, adding
>   &uart0 {
> 	 pinctrl-names = "default";
> 	 pinctrl-0 = <&uart0_gpio32 &gpclk2_gpio43>;
> 	 status = "okay";
>   };
> to bcm2837-rpi-3-b.dts does the right thing on my Raspberry Pi 3.
> Fixes: 21ff843931b ("ARM: dts: bcm283x: Define standard pinctrl groups in the gpio node.")
> Signed-off-by: Baruch Siach <baruch at tkos.co.il>
> ---
> Should uart0_gpio30 be renamed to uart0_ctsrts_gpio30?

yes. According to the datasheet GPIO 30, 31 are for the flow control and GPIO 32, 33 are Tx, Rx.  Sorry for the delay, but i received your email only today via linux-rpi-kernel.

Please change the following in Version 2:

* s/uart1/uart0/ within the subject
* also fix uart0_gpio30 in the same patch

and you can add

Acked-by: Stefan Wahren <stefan.wahren at i2se.com>

Btw could you please add the missing o in the comment above uart0_ctsrts_gpio16?


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