[PATCH 6/9] VC04_SERVICES: Add compat ioctl handler for "await completion"

Michael Zoran mzoran at crowfest.net
Thu Jan 19 19:12:37 PST 2017

On Thu, 2017-01-19 at 15:56 +0300, Dan Carpenter wrote:
> Hm...  I had never used checkpatch.pl --fix until a few minutes ago.
> Basically sending a zillion patches is the only way to do anything in
> the linux-kernel.  You're not allowed to break the build, introduce
> new compile warnings or bugs.  We review tons of these patches and
> introducing bugs is pretty rare actually.
> The plan would be to do:
> for i in $(find drivers/staging/vc04_services/ -name \*.c) ; do
> ./scripts/checkpatch.pl -f --fix-inplace $i ; done
> Then use git citool.  Go through each file and select all the files
> and
> highlight all the places where it adds a blank line, right click and
> select "Stage lines for commit".  Write a changelog, hit Sign-off and
> that's [patch 1/x] "add blank lines".  Ignore false postives like
> when
> it adds a blank line before DEBUG_INITIALISE(g_state.local).
> [patch 2/x] remove extra blank lines
> [patch 3/x] line up parameters
> Boring work.
> Then go through manually and fix curly braces positions and other
> things
> where checkpatch.pl --fix doesn't work.  Turns out that there are
> over
> 400 left...  Some you can ignore if you feel like, but there are tons
> that are trivial such as 45 of these: "WARNING: please, no spaces at
> the
> start of a line".
> regards,
> dan carpenter

For fun, I did a quick run of checkpatch.pl on the existing code.  
Here is what I get.

total: 364 errors, 1035 warnings, 814 checks, 12958 lines checked

Sounds to me like kind of a mess.  The bar was very low for initially
adding the driver, yet your process prevents any kind of cleanup in a
serious way.

Like I said, these white space issues could have been fixed in 10
seconds with a modern text editor if it was done before the initial
change.  But it sounds like now you are stuck with it.

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