4.10-rc3 rpi issues

Gerd Hoffmann kraxel at redhat.com
Thu Jan 19 07:50:56 PST 2017


> Very interesting here...  This isn't related directly to your specific
> issue but I'm finding that when I build this kernel with the exact
> dot.config you sent out with the arm-linux-gnueabihf- compiler it boots
> just fine on a RPI 2 but it completely fails to boot on a RPI 3.  In
> both cases this is with the armhf version of debian sid.  Meaning I
> just took the SD card out of the RPI 2 and put it in the RPI 3.

Could be this one missing:


Guess I should (re-)send this (and some other patches) quickly.
Got sidetracked with debugging this usb thing ...

> I thought the RPI 3 was 100% backward compatible with the RPI 2 from a
> hardware point of view?

Has a separate device tree though, and if that isn't there ...

Also the HDMI detect is wired a bit differently, and the gpio mux driver
to access it on the pi3 didn't land upstream yet.  So you have to play
some tricks for vc4, like this one:


> Anyway I have it booting on the RPI 2 now, so I can debug.  I have
> noticed a very large number of experimental features being enabled in
> the config file.  I'm wondering if that could be contributing to this
> issue?

Possibly.  Suggestion on what to turn off and see if it has an effect?

Building 4.10-rc4 with the fedora default config atm, to see if that
makes a difference ...


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