[alsa-devel] [PATCH 0/3] ASoC: Enable a new IC master mode: bcm2835<=>IC<=>cs42xx8

Matt Flax flatmax at flatmax.org
Mon Feb 27 03:21:25 PST 2017

On 27/02/17 21:30, Matthias Reichl wrote:
> I don't see that. Some people might want to be able to use multichannel
> on RPi, but that's something very different than adding code that just
> lies about driver capabilites.

I am going to invite you over for dinner to eat steamed vegetables :)
If I make the steamed vegetables in the microwave and they taste like 
steamed vegetables, are they steamed vegetables ?

I have a bcm2835 (Pi 2 and 3) SoC here. It is producing multichannel (8 
out, 6 in) audio. In ALSA we call that DSP mode - right ?!

If a chipset can do multichannel, do we need to invent a new DSP mode 
name to call it dsp mode ? Surely not, because steamed vegetables are 
steamed vegetables :)

Just because steamed vegetables are made in the microwave doesn't mean 
they don't belong in the Linux Kernel !


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