[PATCH v4 0/7] ARM: dts: bcm283x: add and use pinctrl groups

Stefan Wahren stefan.wahren at i2se.com
Mon Sep 19 04:00:51 PDT 2016

Am 19.09.2016 um 10:43 schrieb Gerd Hoffmann:
>   Hi,
> New in v4:  Patch #6 has been splitted into two:  Patch 6 just moves
> pinctrl from &gpio to &sdhci.  Removing the empty now alt3 group
> -- including all references as pointed out by Stefan Wahren in review --
> is done by the new patch 7.  Patches 1-5 are unchanged.

Acked-by: Stefan Wahren <stefan.wahren at i2se.com>

for the whole series.


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