RPi-3 brcmfmac errors on boot

Don Zickus dzickus at redhat.com
Wed Nov 23 11:35:08 PST 2016


I am trying to get bluetooth working on the RPi-3 and realized I needed some
out-of-box drivers in Gerd's tree:


Combining his tree with a patch to remove pwr


I can get the SDIO device detected and the brcmfmac driver to probe it.

However, that results in the following error message:

brcmfmac: brcmf_sdio_htclk: HT Avail timeout (1000000): clkctl 0x50

and neither the wifi nor bluetooth device get detected and added to the bus.

Can anyone help me decipher what the above error means?  I get the
impression it is a clock issue but I don't know if that is a DT clock config
problem or something else.

Or better yet, does someone have a later version of these drivers that get
me further?

(I have booted OpenElec with a 4.4 + patches kernel and everything works
there, so my hardware should be fine)

Thanks in advance!


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